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Shih Tzu Club (Singapore)
Objectives & Code of Ethics


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Objectives & Code of Ethics

Objectives of The Shih Tzu Club!

Code Of Ethics!

 This Code of Ethics is presented as a guide for members whose aim is the welfare of all dogs. The purpose of these guidelines is to set forth minimum principles of practice to which the Club subscribes to. These guidelines are presented with the realization that ethics are difficult to regulate. When in doubt of any of these ethics, an owner should consult with authorities such as experienced, reputable breeders, veterinarians or the club Committee.

Article I


Members should not make false, misleading or disparaging statements regarding a fellow member, another dog, misrepresent their own dogs, judge or exhibitor. Alleged misconduct should be objectively and calmly presented to the proper representative of the Club.


Members shall do all within their power to uphold, promote, and protect the interests of the club and the breed by conducting themselves in a manner reflecting credit on the Club, its members, their dogs, and the dog world in general

Article II


All dogs shall be kept in a clean, healthy, and safe environment. Dogs will be provided with vaccinations, worming, anti-parasite treatments, and socialization, to provide maximum mental and physical well being. If a dog must be euthanized it should be humanely performed.

Article III


The club does not support breeding. However an ethical breeder's goal and responsibility is to produce the healthiest and best representatives of the breed possible. Each litter shall be the result of conscientious planning, including consideration of health, soundness, and temperament. Only healthy, mature adult dogs shall be used in a breeding program. Veterinarian consultation, should be taken when breeding a bitch over seven (7) years and under 18 months of age. Breeders are encouraged to screen for all appropriate hereditary disorders (example: hip dysplasia)

Article IV.


Breeders should be concerned with the proper placement of puppies, both pet and show quality. Breed type and potential owners family structure, living conditions and time schedules should be carefully considered. Breeders are encouraged to use sales contracts, signed by the breeder and purchaser with each party keeping a signed copy. Sales contracts should state the terms of sale, guarantees, and restrictions. Breeders shall urge purchasers to spay or neuter any dog which is not considered breedable quality. If puppies with serious defects are sold, the breeder should inform the purchaser in writing and require that the dog is spayed or neutered. Members will not "Give away" or sell puppies or adult dogs as prizes or for research, neither will they sell puppies to nor breed to dogs owned by those whom they have reason to believe may do so. Registration applications, certificates and a bill of sale stating sire, dam, and date of birth shall accompany puppies as they go new homes. Breeders shall furnish the buyer with written details on feeding, dates of inoculations, worming, and general care of the dog. Responsibility of the breeder does not stop with the sale. The breeder should be available for consultation and to assist in the placement of any dog sold by the breeder if such need arises.

Article V.

Registration and Records

All members shall keep complete and accurate records of individual dogs, breedings, litters, pedigrees, and puppy sales.

Article VI.


Members shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Club and the SKC under which the event is held. Show grounds should be left in a clean condition. Disturbances should be attended to immediately and steps taken to prevent further occurrences.

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