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In Brief....

Height Range:  8-11 in. (20-28 cm) maximums.
Ideal Height:  9-10½ in. (23-27 cm).
Dog Ideal Weight:  9-16 lb. (4-7 kg).
Function:  Companion.
Other Name:  Chrysanthemum dog.
Watchdog:  Good
Life Expectancy:  11 - 14 years.
Colors: All colors.
Coat: Long, dense, and not curly with a good undercoat
Temperament: Gentle, loyal, proud
With Children: Yes, loves children.
With Pets: Yes, gets along well with other animals.
Special Skills: Family pet
Watchdog: Very High
Guard-dog: Very Low due to size not heart!
Care and Exercise: Daily grooming is essential. Bathing once a month. Clipping of matting on feet. Basic training when puppy is young. Minimal exercise is needed, but he will love to play outdoors.
Training: May be obstinate but patience and consistency will help over come the problem and achieve a reasonable level of training.
Learning Rate: High
Obedience: Medium
Problem Solving: Low
Activity: Indoors - High, Outdoors - Low
Living Environment: Apartment is adequate provided he receives some type of exercise. An owner of a Shih Tzu should be a consistent leader who desires an active, curious breed.
Health Issues: Kidney disorders, otherwise no major health problems.
Life Span: 10 - 14 Years
Litter Size: 2 - 4
Country of Origin: Tibet
History: May have originated from a cross between the Tibetan Mountain Dog and the Pekinese. He was a favored dog of the Emperor and is portrayed in Chinese paintings. He was first imported to England in the 1930's. Then after World War II he made his way to the United States by military officers going home.
SKC Group: Toy Group
Class: Toy

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